Achievements/ Successes


★ Optician : A friend of Mr and Mrs Gamba , Mr Ismael Hossen , optician and friend of SAC offered free optical consultation and provided glasses free of charge to sponsored students in Rodrigues . During his visit , he examined 10 students and 5 of them were offered glasses .

★ Flag day : With the help of members , friends and rectors amongst others , with boxes offered by Mr Ronald Daunat of Metal Can Manufacturers Ltd , Flag day was held on 22 , 23 and 24 November and a sum of Rs 77,289 was raised.

★ In September, SAC took part for the day in an NGO's exhibition at Barclays Head Office . Furthermore Barclays, in their 4th edition of their Colours of Life Awards , organised a national competition , this year entitled 'Fight against social ills ' . In the competition SAC was ranked 5th among those shortlisted. A trophy was awarded together with a cheque of Rs 75,000 along with 3 days' training of staff on 02nd ,03rd and 04th May at Eureka- La Maison Creole, Moka.

★ DCP project : Using knowledge gained from previous training in project writing , SAC sent in a project for the DCP ( Decentralised Corporation Programme ) run by the European Development Fund for a grant up to 1 million to provide sponsorship of ," Educational needs to 60 unprivileged children and youth in Mauritius ." Unfortunately the project could not be considered owing to one criteria on check list not being met. We were disappointed but we learnt a lot on project writing.



37 pupils sat for SC and 9 for HSC exams 2016. In HSC and SC the pass rate was 95 % and for CPE 100%. This excellent result was due to close collaboration among the Rectors, teachers, children and SAC.
In Barclays ‘Bright Minds Initiative’ 2 students, Jean R. of Rodrigues College and Pragatee B. of Hindu Girls College previously sponsored by SAC were awarded a scholarship to undertake their tertiary studies.

Extracts from thank you letters from students:

• “ You played a crucial role as it was a challenging time but you made it easier and successful. My mother and I will always be grateful for your help.” Fadillah K.
• “ Je vous écris pour vous remercier de votre générosité de mávoir aide au financement de mes études en gestion touristique. En m’attributant le financement de mes études,vous aviez allege mon fardeau financier.” Melissa C
• “It is with deep interest that I am thanking this wonderful institution which acted as an important medium through which I am being able to undertake a course at tertiary level.” Krilove G
• “Merci de m’avoir choisi pour le programme “Sponsor A Child” Merci pour l’aide financière et morale que vous m’avez apportée pendant toutes ces années.” Roselio P.
• “ I would like to thank you for all the financial assistance you have provided me, during my school years”, Form 4 to Upper 6, at Quatre Bornes SSS and even now, without your help I would not have been able to have a seat at the UOM.” Monica L.
• “ In 2018, 16 of the pupils who sat for School Certificate (SC) exams were able to access Grade 12 in spite of the higher entry requirements of 4 credits. In 2016, the pass rate for for the 46 pupils sitting for SC and HSC was 95 % and for CPE 100%."