Success story

Since its registration in 2014, Sponsor A Child has supported over 2,500 students across Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega. Every year about a third of the students we sponsor complete their secondary education, either at School Certificate (SC) or Higher School Certificate (HSC) level. In 2021, sixteen of our students obtained 5 credits at SC level and are enrolled in Grade 12. Thirteen of those sitting for the HSC have passed and among those one ranked in the top 20 in the Science stream.

Our organisation also promotes the vocational path. Since 2018, we have provided an additional allowance for those students enrolled in subjects such Food & Nutrition, Arts, Design, Fashion… so they can purchase the additional material needed to complete their practical assignments. A number of our sponsors have responded positively to this approach and donated additional funding specifically for the ‘technical’ orientation.

Academy School

The first National Certificate of Education (NCE) exams for students at Grade 9 level was held in April 2021. In spite of the disruption due to COVID-19, one of our students scored As in all subjects earning him a promotion to an Academy School. This student’s family was struggling to purchase books and uniform for him after the father, sole wage earner, suffered a heart attack.

Tertiary education

You have been sponsoring me since 2013, Thank you for your support over all those years. Today (2019) I have passed my Higher School Certificate. I will start work and save money to enrol in a course at the University of Mauritius.” In 2021, this student completed her BSc in Accounting and Finance and started an internship with a firm.

Nursing students

One of our major sponsors has dedicated its 2020 funding to supporting technical and prevocational education.  Two Rodriguan students enrolled in Nursing courses in Mauritius are among those benefiting from that support.


“Dear Dr ,,,,’ I wish to thank you for taking the time to examine my eyes and give me glasses for free. I was having head aches and was having problems studying for my SC exams.”
This student obtained the required credits at School Certificate level to progress to Higher School Certificate

Fashion & Design

« Cher sponsor, je vous écris pour vous remercier de votre contribution à mon éducation. Grace à vous, ma maman a pu m’acheter une machine à coudre. Mon papa contribue la moitie et vous l’autre moitié. Je fais le Fashion & Design comme sujet à l’école et je peux maintenant pratiquer à la maison. Pendant les vacances, je confectionne des vêtements. J’aimerai faire carrière dans la couture. »