We get our funds from :

  1. Local firms and enterprises

  2. Individuals or groups of individuals, including Mauritians living abroad

  3. Voluntary and service organisations.

It should be noted that all the sponsorship monies received from individual sponsors go in totality towards sponsorship. We operate a separate administration account which raises its funds through deductions of 15% from donations by CSRs and donations dedicated to administrative support.

Annual budget

In the past few years, our annual budget has revolved around expenditure ranging between Rs1.2m to Rs1.4m. This allows for the sponsorship of some 120 students a year and covers administrative support and infrastructure. The budget is approved through the Annual General Meeting. That instance also reviews the expenditure of the preceding year.


Target beneficiaries
In 2022, our beneficiaries’ profile was as follows:

  • 54 were from single parent families through separation, divorce or death
  • 20 were abandoned by their parents and living with grandparents
  • 7 whose parents were relying only on the invalid pension to survive
  • 2 living in a home.

For the most part, they are from large families with little or no income and relying on social security benefits to make ends meet.

Sponsorship forms

Project document