Sponsor A Child - Our History

Sponsor A Child is an offshoot of the Mauritius Council of Social Services (MACOSS).

In 2004, under the Chairmanship of Dana Chengen, a brain storming session was held by MACOSS members. Participants, including Mrs Valery Bouic, Mrs Chandranee Bhuckory, Mr Patel and Dr Satish Boolell – identified the need to help needy school children. It was felt a new a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) would best service those deserving students.

Thus, Sponsor A Child came into being and Mrs Bhuckory appointed as Chairperson, had the responsibility to set up the organisation from scratch.

It was a huge task to devise the mission and principles of the organisation as well as put in place its administrative framework. Initially logistic support was provided by the MACOSS Secretariat. However, MACOSS being a facilitator, it could not handle Sponsor A Child’s finances. In 2005, Sponsor A Child was formally registered as an organisation.

The first step was to identify needy children. Mrs Bhuckory and Bouic used their own means of transport to visit schools around the island to interview teachers and students. They also approached other NGOs. Once a few students had been identified, came the funding issue. Press conferences were held to make the Mauritian public aware of the cause.

Sponsors emerged slowly but surely. The first big sponsor drew a cheque of Rs125,000 helped SAC take off. Over the years our sponsorship following increased. More funds were available when the Corporate Social Responsibility fund was set up and the number of sponsored children increased accordingly.

In the early years the focus was primary school children. Now over 80% of our student population is from the secondary education sector. In 2010, we sponsored our first tertiary education student thanks to the generous donation by Mr Nuvin Hooloomann. In the following years, we were able to assist as many as 40 university students.

What started an idea, has now become a full-fledged NGO, with its own administrative staff and management committee. Sponsor A Child’s good work has made a difference in the lives of nearly 1,500 students over the years.

Our Vision: An opportunity to succeed.

Our Mission: To sponsor educational needs of underprivileged children /young adults at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
Target Group: Underprivileged but promising children, 7 to 18 + years old, from either poor, broken, single-parent, low-earner, handicapped parent families, orphans or children neglected by both parents and dependent on old grandparents.

Estimated results: Children will improve their academic performances at school as well as at external examinations i. e., SC, HSC, etc.
-A change in attitudes towards learning as well as in their behaviour.
-A better family and social environment owing to a decrease of financial stress.

Objectives: To provide additional financial aid and school materials to the needy children and young adults in order to help them attain their educational objectives including the development of tertiary and vocational potential.

The implementation of our objectives is carried out by a Management Committee , the tasks of which include:
● identifying sponsors and deserving students and matching sponsors to students
● acting as intermediary between the institutions and the sponsors
● monitoring the educational progress of the assisted students and obtaining reports on results obtained. Sponsors are apprised of the reports
● evaluating progress reports and decision on appropriate actions to be taken on a case by case basis
● raising funds to ensure sustainability of the programme.