COVID-19 Food pack

One of our major sponsors, SANNE, graciously provided 30 food packs so we could distribute to our most deserving families. Students and their parents came to the office during the third week of June to collect their pack. It was an opportunity to learn how the students coped with online courses during the lockdown.

Visit to Rodrigues

 In July 2020, one of our members visited the students we sponsor in Rodrigues. SAC is currently sponsoring 16 students in four schools across  the island. The visit provided the opportunity to meet with more needy families to assess their requirements in view of future sponsorship.
Since then, visits have not been possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interact Ebene

The young members of Interact Ebene organised an end of year party in 2019 for some 20 of our sponsored students so they could distribute the school materials purchased through the club’s fundraising activities. Interact members entertained the students, their parents and our members with songs and dances.

Interact MGI

The students of Mahatma Gandhi Institute State School members of Interact raised funds to supply our deserving students in a range of school materials. Mrs Bundhoo, the team leader and several students attended our office to hand over the material.

We are Youth

SAC is partnering with “We Are Youth”, an association of volunteers working with the students of the small village of Panchavati in Rivière du Rempart. The group applies the principle of ‘Know your child’ and meet regularly with the students and the families for coaching and mentoring. In 2020, 5 of the students receive monthly allowances from SAC.

Winner’s campaign

Winner’s partnered with SAC during their December 2018 campaign ‘Nous et vous contre la faim” and collected over Rs100,000 worth of food items at Winner’s Candos. The Winner’s vouchers were distributed to students enrolled in subjects such as Food & Nutrition, Art & Design.

Flag day

With the help of members , friends and rectors amongst others , using boxes offered by Mr Ronald Daurat of Metal Can Manufacturers Ltd , SAC held its Flag day on 22 , 23 and 24 November 2017. A sum of Rs 77,289 was raised.  Thank you to all who contributed.